• Four surprising facts about influencer fraud

    Posted: 13Nov2018
    By: Camilla Castro, Account Associate It’s not surprising to hear that influencer marketing has grown exponentially since 2010, when some of the first and most successful influencer marketing stories came to life – like this Old Spice campaign. The market is flooded with influencers and tastemakers in nearly every vertical, landing million dollar deals with international brands. […]
  • Changing Ad Standards in Canada

    Posted: 24Oct2018
    By: Rebecca Lewis The influencer landscape is constantly changing, with new tools and practices emerging each day. MSL Canada is a proud member of Ad Standards Canada’s Influencer Steering Committee, alongside other industry professionals across the country. The Influencer Steering Committee convenes to create ad guidelines and identify best practices for engaging with sponsored influencer content now […]
  • The Power of Relationships

    Posted: 05Apr2018
      By: Renee Weekes Account Director, MSL Canada In Canada, we’re seeing the media landscape change almost daily. Legacy media brands are changing or disappearing, new digital outlets are popping up, and Canadians are turning to myriad sources of information in a way we’ve never seen before. At the same time, on social media, Canadians are tuning in to […]
  • Slam Dunk Moments with Snapchat

    Posted: 14Mar2018
        By: Victoria Caruk Manager of Social & Influencer Relations at MSL Canada We all like being first. Whether it’s being the first in-the-know or the first to experience a new product that isn’t available yet, it’s common to enjoy getting that ‘exclusive’ feeling as a consumer. And often, that feeling of exclusivity is going to help give us […]
  • Women’s Forum to Host First-Ever Canadian Summit

    Posted: 13Mar2018
    By Mia Pearson CEO, MSL Canada In the era of the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, amid a growing demand for major shifts in the treatment of women around the world, never before have we seen such momentum behind the push for greater changes to the treatment of women and women’s rights than at this moment. As a […]
  • Generation X: Invisible at 37?

    Posted: 11Jan2018
    By Nadia Beale Senior Vice President, Consumer Believe it or not, there are six living generations in Canada right now, each with its own set of values, attitudes and roles. But if you were to only look at the focus of many marketing professionals, you’d never know it. That’s because Millennials aren’t just the hot topic of […]
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