The MSL year in review: Celebrating 2017 as we look ahead to 2018

By Mia Pearson

CEO, MSL Canada

As things start to wind down for the holidays and we prepare to spend time with family and friends with the new year approaching, it’s somewhat inevitable that we end up looking back on the year that was to reflect on the path we walked and everything we experienced.

Looking back on the trail we blazed at MSL Canada this year, I find myself feeling tremendously proud of the work our team put in, and everything we have accomplished together. I feel like we’ve written the first few chapters of a great story that will only get better with time.

Our 2017 was all about growth. We saw continued growth from our existing clients like Procter & Gamble, while at the same time diversifying our family of clients to include new faces like Toyota, Coty, Kraft, Esurance, and Cogeco.

We have also been adding dynamic new talent to the team here at MSL, which is enabling us to expand our capabilities, and deliver our clients outstanding social strategies, influencer relations, and media relations results. In just a few short months, the MSL team has experienced remarkable personal growth. Each team member has played a pivotal role in getting us here today. From our interns and junior team members to the HR and finance teams, everyone at MSL has a key role to play in building on this year’s success. We have successfully integrated new branding and welcomed key new clients while strengthening our existing client relationships.

We are in the midst of building a great workplace culture, and we are already having our work recognized and celebrated within the global network, and I believe we are on the verge of bigger and better things for the year to come.

And our network continues to grow. One year ago, we welcomed North Strategic into the fold, and together, we have been moving forward to build on an already strong foundation at MSL. The acquisition of North and its content production arm, Notch Video, has opened up incredible collaborative opportunities that are helping us to shine and create incredible momentum for our clients.

As we continue to accelerate our growth in North America, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of our industry as we evolve and grow with the industry. From influencer relations and creative content strategies to video production, there is still enormous opportunity to continue to learn and expand our experience as a company. We also want to continue building on the incredible relationships that we’ve fostered with our clients by delivering award-winning work that sets the bar higher and higher for our industry.

With a new look thanks our brand refresh earlier this year, including a spruced up logo and redesigned social media profiles, MSL Canada is ready to build on the momentum we started in 2017 to ensure that 2018 is our greatest year yet.

My belief is that this time next year, when we look back at the path we have traveled, we will once again be amazed at how far we have come.

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