Slam Dunk Moments with Snapchat


Image Source: February 2018, Ad Week, “Snapchat’s E-Commerce Strategy Hit a New High When It Sold Out the New Air Jordans in Minutes”


By: Victoria Caruk

Manager of Social & Influencer Relations at MSL Canada

We all like being first. Whether it’s being the first in-the-know or the first to experience a new product that isn’t available yet, it’s common to enjoy getting that ‘exclusive’ feeling as a consumer.

And often, that feeling of exclusivity is going to help give us that extra level of excitement that makes us want to go back to our circle of friends and family and share our experience.

We see this through updates to social media platforms that are constantly providing us with new experiences to try out: Figuring out new hacks with Instagram Stories, Facebook’s new algorithm, and Snapchat’s recent introduction to the work of Augmented Reality (AR).

Snapchat has played a pivotal role in taking augmented reality mainstream with its photo filters and viral lenses like the ‘Dancing Hot Dog’. But more recently, Snapchat has been pushing to take this AR experience to a whole new level by providing select users an experience that no one would normally ever have access to, outside of a poster taped to the wall of their childhood bedroom.

For this experience, Snapchat took the historical moment of Michael Jordan’s famous  slam dunk at the 1988 NBA slam dunk contest, and gave users access to experience this moment in the palm of their hand.

In mid-February, a Snapchat lens brought to life a life-size Jordan, wearing the new Air Jordan III Tinker Sneakers, that are set for availability in late March 2018. To celebrate, the Jordan brand held an exclusive launch event where guests could interact with this lens, but could also snap a QR code within the Snapchat App, to allow first access to the new Air Jordan sneakers.

This ensured these influencers would truly be the first to view, order, and receive a pair of the un-released Air Jordan sneakers. When guests snapped the QR code, it led them to an exclusive page to purchase their own pair of the Air Jordan III Tinker Sneakers that would then be delivered within 2 hours of ordering.

MSL was invited to attend a Snapchat Industry Event last week, where we listened as the Global Head of Creative Strategy at Snapchat, Jeff Miller, shared the story of this game-changing US-based launch event and how Snapchat is able to show off its e-commerce capabilities more and more through unique opportunities like this Air Jordan launch.

Of course, this launch experience was a large-scale activation, but the idea of providing your consumers with an elevated digital experience that ties directly back to sales is what many brands are looking for from a social media strategy. By providing a ‘never-get-it-anywhere-else’ AR type of experience, you have the potential to immerse your consumer in the brand’s world and thus providing your consumer with that exclusive feeling, pushing them from ‘wanting to be the first’ to ‘needing to be the first’ to try out.

We all want to be on top of the next digital and social trend and be among the first to use the next hot platform that everyone downloaded overnight. But really, that excitement comes down to providing consumers with meaningful experiences. Yes, this should be done through a hot platform that everyone is using, but it also needs to bring value to consumers from the brand.

Brands need to continue to work harder to engage consumers in meaningful experiences that will provide value, spark share-ability, and with a little luck, create their own slam dunk moment.

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