Indigo Books & Music – Holiday 2016

Heading into the Holiday season in 2016, Indigo Books & Music wanted to be positioned as Canada’s top destination for holiday gifts, including books, toys, entertainment, and lifestyle products. Indigo’s primary audience for its Holiday campaign was dubbed the “Life Maximizer,” which our research indicates look to gift guides for holiday shopping inspiration.

Understanding this, our team conducted a media audit with key editors to determine if there would be guides, when they would run, and the focus of each, if applicable. The team also monitored for competitor activity and current trends in order to tailor pitches with agility, maximizing brand visibility during a very competitive retail period. We followed up on these opportunities with sustained strategic communications via comprehensive media lists, customized pitches, editorial calendars and weekly meetings with the pitch teams.

Our strategy resulted in a spike in impressions and media stories across key publications, despite a significant shift in the overall media landscape that had resulted in fewer target publications. The campaign received awards from CPRS, IABC Ovation and was a key contributor to MSLGROUP Canada earning Agency of the Year honours for excellence in media relations from Strategy magazine.

Published: December 7, 2020