• Corporate Communications with Cogeco Peer 1

    The Challenge

    Cogeco Peer 1 wanted to strongly establish their position as a thought-leader within the tech and telecom industries, to help drive consideration and sales.


    The Solution

    MSL developed a holistic campaign that included media relations, events, speaking opportunities and social media/community […]

  • Olay Whips: Light as Air Launch

    The Challenge

    In the weeks leading up to a new product launch, Olay wanted to elevate the perception of its classic brand by introducing a lighter, more youthful Olay Whips moisturizer to the Canadian market. The goal was to also change […]

  • Changing Ad Standards in Canada

    By: Rebecca Lewis

    The influencer landscape is constantly changing, with new tools and practices emerging each day. MSL Canada is a proud member of Ad Standards Canada’s Influencer Steering Committee, alongside other industry professionals across the country.

    The Influencer Steering Committee convenes […]

  • The Power of Relationships


    By: Renee Weekes

    Account Director, MSL Canada

    In Canada, we’re seeing the media landscape change almost daily. Legacy media brands are changing or disappearing, new digital outlets are popping up, and Canadians are turning to myriad sources of information in a way […]

  • Slam Dunk Moments with Snapchat



    By: Victoria Caruk

    Manager of Social & Influencer Relations at MSL Canada

    We all like being first. Whether it’s being the first in-the-know or the first to experience a new product that isn’t available yet, it’s common to enjoy getting that ‘exclusive’ […]

  • Generation X: Invisible at 37?

    By Nadia Beale
    Senior Vice President, Consumer

    Believe it or not, there are six living generations in Canada right now, each with its own set of values, attitudes and roles. But if you were to only look at the focus of […]