• Five signs you’re hosting a brainstorm all wrong (and how to fix it)

    Posted: 08Jan2019
    By: Hilary Lawton, Account Director Hosting a brainstorm may seem like a fool-proof task, but surprisingly, it’s something people do more incorrectly than not. Even when you arm yourself with different brainstorming techniques, not understanding the basic elements to avoid can prove to be the deciding factor between hosting a creative goldmine and a time-wasting disaster. So, […]
  • MSL Canada’s Top 10 Books of 2018

    Posted: 21Dec2018
    By: Sara Stratton, Senior Account Manager From beach reads, to thrillers, to historical fiction, MSLers love to read and 2018 introduced us to some great page-turners. Our resident bookworms have shared their top reads of the year -- we hope these 10 favourites provide some inspiration for your own holiday reading list!   Scarborough by Catherine Hernandez “It grabs […]
  • Influencing Gen Z

    Posted: 11Dec2018
    By: Sisi Berhe, Account Manager & Camilla Castro, Account Associate An emerging demographic – one that has rapidly become a critical target for marketers and brands to understand – is Generation Z. This post-millennial generation is loosely defined as those born between 1993 to 2011. They are the first generation to be born in the digital […]
  • How to Captain the InternSHIP

    Posted: 26Nov2018
    By: Amanda Wagner   Congratulations! You landed the internship. You survived the interview process, and now it’s time to set sail on your PR journey. But what does that mean? How do you make sure it’s smooth sailing? Every new job comes with a lot of opportunities for success.  As a recent intern at MSL (hired full […]
  • Four surprising facts about influencer fraud

    Posted: 13Nov2018
    By: Camilla Castro, Account Associate It’s not surprising to hear that influencer marketing has grown exponentially since 2010, when some of the first and most successful influencer marketing stories came to life – like this Old Spice campaign. The market is flooded with influencers and tastemakers in nearly every vertical, landing million dollar deals with international brands. […]
  • Corporate Communications with Cogeco Peer 1

    Posted: 26Oct2018
    The Challenge Cogeco Peer 1 wanted to strongly establish their position as a thought-leader within the tech and telecom industries, to help drive consideration and sales.   The Solution MSL developed a holistic campaign that included media relations, events, speaking opportunities and social media/community management. Three key brand pillars were identified to ensure a unified, consistent message was delivered […]
  • Pampers: Prioritizing Earned Over Ads to Drive Ecommerce Sales

    Posted: 26Oct2018
    The Challenge Faced with aggressive seasonal promotion and high value coupons from the competition every spring, which drove consumers to ‘stock up’ on diapers, Pampers needed to drive higher conversion among millennial moms.   The Solution Working in lockstep with Pampers, MSL generated and amplified authentic content and conversations around baby registries and Pampers diapers, driving to Amazon, where […]
  • Olay Whips: Light as Air Launch

    Posted: 26Oct2018
    The Challenge In the weeks leading up to a new product launch, Olay wanted to elevate the perception of its classic brand by introducing a lighter, more youthful Olay Whips moisturizer to the Canadian market. The goal was to also change perceptions, convincing Canadian consumers to believe in the benefits of a lighter moisturizer and try […]
  • Changing Ad Standards in Canada

    Posted: 24Oct2018
    By: Rebecca Lewis The influencer landscape is constantly changing, with new tools and practices emerging each day. MSL Canada is a proud member of Ad Standards Canada’s Influencer Steering Committee, alongside other industry professionals across the country. The Influencer Steering Committee convenes to create ad guidelines and identify best practices for engaging with sponsored influencer content now […]
  • The Power of Relationships

    Posted: 05Apr2018
      By: Renee Weekes Account Director, MSL Canada In Canada, we’re seeing the media landscape change almost daily. Legacy media brands are changing or disappearing, new digital outlets are popping up, and Canadians are turning to myriad sources of information in a way we’ve never seen before. At the same time, on social media, Canadians are tuning in to […]
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