Around the World with MSL: Top Five Press Trips of 2018

Press trips have become increasingly more common in the realm of public relations. The first-hand experience with a product or brand offered to media and influencers on brand immersion trips allows guests to engage deeply with both the products and the brand’s DNA. The experiences also serve as excellent opportunities to generate owned and earned content, allowing us to bring the offline experience, online.

Gear up, because we’re taking you around the globe (or a few kilometers east, to Whitby) with an insider’s look at five of the press trips MSL led in 2018.  Get in touch and we can chat about why a press trip or remote brand immersion might be the right fit for your brand!

1. Scientus Pharma Facility Tour in Whitby

Following recent cannabis legalization in Canada, Scientus Pharma invited media to Whitby, Ontario for a tour of HydRrx Farms Ltd.’s plant facility. Media had the opportunity to speak with Scientus Pharma’s CEO and chief scientific advisory to learn about an innovative oil extraction technology in the medical cannabis industry and what this advancement means for the healthcare community.

2. Pantene’s Winter Rescue in Quebec

In February, MSL invited beauty media and influencers to Le Germain Hotel and Spain Charlevoix, Quebec – a whimsical winter backdrop perfect for showcasing how Pantene conditioner can help to combat the harsh winter elements on hair. Extreme outdoor activities, like luging and a helicopter ride, put guests’ hair to the ultimate test, while information sessions and styling demos highlighted the importance of using conditioner.

3. Herbal Essences Sulfate-Free Launch in Costa Rica

In October, MSL traveled with beauty media to Costa Rica for a three day immersion into the naturally-derived, sulfate-free bio: renew collection by Herbal Essences. Media enjoyed outdoor adventures, a tour of the Botanical Gardens, pampering by Herbal Essences celebrity stylist Bridget Brager, and innovation sessions with beauty scientist Rachel Zipperian.


4. Pampers Baby Panel Goes to P&G Headquarters in Cincinnati

November was a busy month with three simultaneous press trips. First, MSL travelled with the Pampers Baby Panel, a collective of Canadian moms, to the P&G Discovery Centre in Cincinnati, OH. There, they received an immersive experience featuring tours, R&D presentations and interactive presentations.

5. Pantene and Olay Switzerland Soiree

Finally, Pantene and Olay joined forces to introduce the exciting product launches of 2019 at the end of November! We flew to Lausanne, Switzerland for the ultimate winter soiree. Media stayed at the luxurious Beau-Rivage Palace and took in the snowy Alps view at the Glacier 3000. There, Pantene and Olay presented their latest winter skin and hair care solutions.



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