Mia Pearson: A change is in the air at MSL Canada


By Mia Pearson
CEO, MSL Canada

When you walk through our offices at MSL Canada, you can feel an electricity. There’s a feeling that we’re in the midst of something exciting and wonderful.

At MSL Canada, we are proud to be contributing to the continued growth of the MSL business in the Americas. Our organization turned a foundational corner in 2016, with a new North American CEO and significant growth across many of our businesses.

I am incredibly proud to be leading this team at such an exciting time for our agency and our industry. We are thrilled to have a team that was named Agency of the Year by Strategy Magazine for 2015, and we are growing to expand our range of capabilities and expertise.

There are three facets of our agency that I believe set us apart from the rest of the industry:

We have great people

As our CEO Guillaume Herbette likes to say, people are at the centre of what we do on a daily basis here at MSL. We may be in the business of selling creative ideas and innovative campaigns, but those things can always be traced back to the right people. Backed by one the world’s most outstanding organizations, MSL Canada offers exceptional career opportunities, the chance to create outstanding work, and the chance to work alongside one of the best teams in the business.

At the core of every great agency is a phenomenal and inspired team. It’s never enough to create great products and services and then hope clients find them useful. Truly great agencies are made up of remarkable people who have the drive, and the capacity to care.

We tell great stories

Our agency has always been known for its storytelling. And now we are in a new age for the communications industry, one where content – both the content generated by our own teams, as well as that created on behalf of our clients by top tier influencers – has become the single most significant differentiator. Our business has always been one that relied on great storytelling, but the mechanisms we use to tell those stories is now constantly in flux. Our clients want content that stands out and gets noticed, and our team knows how to generate the headlines, social media posts, and engaging content that turns heads and builds brands.

One thing that has struck me since coming on board is the strength of our team as it pertains to our expertise in the consumer lifestyle, beauty, retail and technology industries. We have an unmatched track record for cultivating and harnessing the power of influencer relationships to help tell our clients’ stories in a meaningful and authentic way. Going forward, you will see us increase our efforts in this area. It’s all about impact.

We get client service

There’s a reason we enjoy significant long term relationships with many of our largest clients: it’s because we listen. We know the key to creating or amplifying the right campaigns for our clients lies in our ability to listen, understand their business, and develop a strategic path for their marketing communications. The hallmark of a great agency goes beyond the addition of new clients, and extends to its ability to nurture, foster, and grow its relationships with existing clients. Our clients love that we bring them fresh ideas proactively, not just when it’s time to talk about the annual road map.

What’s more, thanks to MSL and the Publicis Groupe family of companies – not to mention our strong team in Montreal that provides industry leading service for the Quebec market – we can tap into a global network of creative strategists and creative marketers to develop the smartest recommendations with world class execution.

We fully expect to build on our recent success throughout this year, expanding our team, deepening our relationships with our clients, and executing on award winning campaigns.

Stay tuned to see what we have in store.

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