• Generation X: Invisible at 37?

    Posted: 11Jan2018
    By Nadia Beale Senior Vice President, Consumer Believe it or not, there are six living generations in Canada right now, each with its own set of values, attitudes and roles. But if you were to only look at the focus of many marketing professionals, you’d never know it. That’s because Millennials aren’t just the hot topic of […]
  • Mia Pearson: A change is in the air at MSL Canada

    Posted: 05Jul2017
    By Mia Pearson CEO, MSL Canada When you walk through our offices at MSL Canada, you can feel an electricity. There’s a feeling that we’re in the midst of something exciting and wonderful. At MSL Canada, we are proud to be contributing to the continued growth of the MSL business in the Americas. Our organization turned a foundational […]
  • Citizenship in Canada: Meaningful Involvement

    Posted: 01Jul2017
    Active Citizenship means Meaningful Involvement Canadian Millennials’ perspective on active citizenship comes down to two words: meaningful involvement. To Millennials, this means being civic minded: – participating in their community – voting – getting involved when help is needed – volunteering their time – companies getting involved – companies helping on social issues – companies fulfilling their social responsibilities in a way that […]
  • Indigo Books & Music – Holiday 2016

    Posted: 09Jun2017
    Heading into the Holiday season in 2016, Indigo Books & Music wanted to be positioned as Canada’s top destination for holiday gifts, including books, toys, entertainment, and lifestyle products. Indigo’s primary audience for its Holiday campaign was dubbed the “Life Maximizer,” which our research indicates look to gift guides for holiday shopping inspiration. Understanding […]
  • Always – #LikeAGirl

    Posted: 25Apr2017
    The Challenge Through its Always brand, P&G was on a mission to take the commonly used insult "Like A Girl" and change its connotation to one that would mean downright amazing things. P&G enlisted MSLGROUP Canada to help transform the very definition of the phrase “Like A Girl” in the minds of Canadians. The Solution Working closely with […]
  • Pantene – #ShineStrong

    Posted: 25Apr2017
    The Challenge P&G’s Pantene brand was debuting a new global platform dubbed Shine Strong, which was designed to inspire and empower young women to be strong, believe in themselves, and shine. P&G challenged MSLGROUP Canada to drive conversations on YouTube and Instagram that would break through with millennial women (18-24), cementing Pantene as a brand that […]
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